Designed for comfort, convenience and lifestyle…

South Yarra has an industrial past, so 34 Wilson Street does too. A street once filled with industrial noises now filled with people, trees, and culture.

The sound of voices and music drifts from open windows, people stroll from café to shop, shop to bar. 

Three-stories made up of ochre brick, black timber, and aluminium, softened by abundant greenery. 

From the ground up these materials work together to create a striking façade akin to a warehouse conversion that’s both detached and connected. 

Above, five-stories of Juliet balconies which create an irregular, asymmetric pattern. 

While the texture of the ochre bricks contrasts the larger glass and aluminium frame, providing a unique aesthetic that is undeniably representative of the area and the era of warehouses that preceded the newer buildings. 

The area is coming into its own and 34 Wilson Street South Yarra is leading the way. This is a building designed with its history and its future in mind. Your future.